SOIL Studies

SOIL Studies

2012, Vol 1, Num, 1     (Pages: 022-027)

Effect of Changing Groundwater Levels to Determine the Vulnerability of Aquifers in Ovaçay Basin

O. Demirkıran 1

1 Toprak Gübre ve Su Kaynakları Merkez Araştırma Enstitüsü, Ankara

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This study has been carried out a part of Ovaçay which located Ankara province using DRASTIC methodology. The unsaturated zone and hydraulic conductivity layers were produced by using well logs and tests. In the determination of annual recharge of the aquifers, SCS-CN method, which takes into account the soil texture, soil moisture, land use and tillage practise, was used. In the study area, long years annual average precipitation amount was recorded as 381.5 mm whereas the amount of recharge was between 35-96 mm. As a result according to the vulnerability map of 2001 based on the depth of groundwater, the potential pollution indices range between 13 to 182.The same evaluations for 1976 groundwater levels showed that the indices ranged between 13 to 187.

Keywords : Ankara, DRASTIC, groundwater, mapping, Ovaçay, vulnerability, SCS-CN