SOIL Studies

SOIL Studies

2016, Vol 5, Num, 2     (Pages: 001-010)

Determination of Regression Relationship between Physıco-chemical Properties and Thermal Difision Coefficient of some Inceptisol and Entisol Sub Group Soils

İmanverdi EKBERLİ 1 ,Orhan DENGİZ 1

1 Ondokuz Mayıs Üniversitesi, Ziraat Fakültesi, Toprak Bilimi ve Bitki Besleme Bölümü, Samsun

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Diffusion of soil temperature on soil horizons which effects significantly on soil formation processes, plant growing, variation of soil properties etc. depends on soil thermal properties. In this study, some physical, chemical and thermal properties of Inceptisol and Entisol were investigated. Daily mean temperature value of Vertic Haplustept was determined between 15.1-26.7 ºC while, daily mean temperature changes between 13.4-23.9 ºC for Typic Haplustept. Amplitude values depending on maximum and mean daily temperature decrease along with increasing soil depth and vary between 1.2- 9.2 ºC and 0.6-5.8 ºC. Daily mean temperature values of Typic Ustifluvent, Mollic Ustifluvent, Mollic Ustifluvent were found 16.8-24.8 ºC; 16.6-28.8 ºC; 16.5-26.7 ºC and their amplitude values are 1.5-7.8 ºC; 2.2-8.2 ºC and 1.5-6.7 ºC, respectively. In addition in generally thermal diffusion coefficient value showed increasing with increasing soil depth. In Inceptisol (Vertic Haplustept and Typic Haplustept), thermal diffusion coefficient values were determined between 5.52·10-6-8.76·10-6 m2sn-1; 6.17·10-6-9.36·10-6 m2sn-1. In Entisol, thermal diffusion coefficient of Typic Ustifluvent was found low value whereas, thermal diffusion coefficient values of Mollic Ustifluvent, Mollic Ustifluvent varies 4.45·10-6-8.20·10-6 m2sn-1 and 1.50·10-6-6.48·10-6m2sn-1. Relationships between thermal diffusion coefficient and field capacity in Entisol and Inceptisol were significantly found as statistical p<0.01 (p=0.014; R=0.68). Moreover, it was determined significantly relationship between organic matter, clay and sand as statistically p<0.05 (p=0.031; R=-0.62), p<0.01 (p=0.005; R=0.75), p<0.01 (p=0.008; R=-0.72). In addition to that, it was detected between thermal diffusion coefficient and between organic matter, clay and sand linear (R2=0.79) and nonlinear (R2=0.51-0.81) regressions.

Keywords : Amplitude, thermal diffusion, inceptisol and entisol, regression equation, soil temperature