SOIL Studies

SOIL Studies

2017, Vol 6, Num, 3     (Pages: 066-070)

Effect of Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio on Some Properties of Organic Soils

Rawaz Khasro QADER 1 ,Hüseyin DİKİCİ 1 ,Ömer Faruk DEMİR 1

1 Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam Üniversitesi, Toprak Bilimi ve Bitki Besleme Bölümü, Kahramanmaraş

DOI: 10.21657/topraksu.338308
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This study was performed to determine the effect C/N ratio on some properties of organic soils in Sağlık Plain, Kahramanmaraş. To achieve this objective, 50 soil samples were collected from the area and analyzed for some soil attributes, and data set were divided into three almost equally numbered groups based on the calculated C/N ratio values. The group 1 had the lowest C/N ratios, and the group 3 had the highest among the three. The measured soil attributes such as pH, electrical conductivity, cation exchange capacity, lime content, organic matter, total nitrogen, organic carbon, and extractable P, Mg, Na, Cu, Zn, and Mn were significantly affected by C/N ratios except for plant available Ca and K. As C/N ratio increased from group 1 to 3, soil organic matter, organic C, soil pH, CEC, humic acid contents by MVR and CDFA methods also increased significantly. The results showed that C/N ratio can be used as an indicator of soil quality in organic soils.

Keywords : C/N ratio, humic acids, organic soil, soil degradation