SOIL Studies

SOIL Studies

2017, Vol 6, Num, 2     (Pages: 011-017)

The Effect of Different Irrigation Levels on the Yield and Quality of Tomatoes in Greenhouse

Ali Fuat TARI 1 ,Mesut SAPMAZ 1

1 Harran Üniversitesi Ziraat Fakültesi Tarımsal Yapılar ve Sulama Bölümü, Şanlıurfa

DOI: 10.21657/topraksu.339821
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This study was carried out in 2012-2013 season in the in the Mediterranean climate conditions to establish the optimum irrigation schedule for tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill cv. Astona) in greenhouses. The experiment was conducted as a randomized block design with three replications as different irrigation levels. Different ratios of the amount of evaporation (60%, 80%, 100%, and 120%) from ClassA Pan was based on irrigation scheduling. The effects of different irrigation levels was significantly found on tomato yield and some quality criteria. The most appropriate irrigation program could be recommended that 100% of open water surface evaporation should be applied as the amount of irrigation water. The requirement of irrigation water, marketable yield, irrigation water use efficiency for the recommended irrigation scheduling were 350 mm, 360, 128.7 t ha-1, 36.8 kg m-3, respectively.

Keywords : Tomato, greenhouse, drip irrigation, yield, quality